As 2016 winds down, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what my toffee business, Dr. Ray’s Toffee ( needs to do to increase sales, reduce expenses, and become more profitable.

Admittedly, I have been skating by for the first three years of the business since I have the luxury of a day job to pay the bills.  That luxury has undoubtedly held me back from really treating the business like a business.  It’s been a hobby that has the potential to become a real business!  My business goal for 2017 is to become more disciplined.  More disciplined in how I look at ways to reduce costs.  More disciplined in systematically targeting new wholesale customers.  And especially more disciplined in not agreeing to participate in every show that sounds like I’ll make a fortune!

One of my favorite publications, Fast Company Magazine, highlights 10 CEOs and their leadership goals for 2017.  It’s a great read at